Lakeshore Residence


Lakeshore Residences is an elite villa complex that guarantees privacy, convenience and high construction standards.

The combination between modern and nature make this complex ideal for your family.

This complex is built always keeping as a reference you who want to live in the prestige you deserve.


The complex consists of 42 premium villas, where each of them is organized in 3 floors. Individual swimming pool, green yard and 2-4 parking spaces. 

The villas bring European standards of construction through the most modern technologies. The tall and well-designed windows provide each villa with a full view of Farka Lake and Dajti Mountain. 

The floor plans of the villas at Lakeshore Residences are all square providing maximum utilization of your property.


The slogan “Your Home Surrounded by Nature” explains the importance that nature has had when we were thinking about the complex that we would realize. 

The view towards Farka Lake and Dajti Mountain are the panorama of every day at Lakeshore Residences. Completely disconnect from the noise of urban areas to a complex in the heart of greenery. 

Nature is at the function of the complex, making your life more beautiful thanks to all the outdoor activities you can do. Live among the lake, hill and mountain landscape.


Only 10 minutes away from the center of Tirana, surrounded by greenery and fresh air. 

Lakeshore Residences is positioned inside the Farka Lake Park with an extension of 75 HA and is bordered by 220,000 M² of diverse greenery. 

Residents will have the opportunity to use all the recreation that this park offers, starting with water sports, a running track of 7 KM, a cycling track of 6.5 KM and 2,300 M² of playground area.