Lakeshore Residence

The complex consists of only 42 premium villas and each of them comes with a swimming pool. Each villa offers a perfect and unobstructed view of Lake Farka.


Lakeshore Residences is an elite villas complex that guarantees privacy, convenience and high construction standards.​


The complex is designed by 42 premium villas, where each of them is organized in 3 floors. Individual pool, green yard and 2-4 parking spaces.​


The view towards Farka Lake and Dajti Mountain are the panorama of every day at Lakeshore Residences.

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Lakeshore Residences is the newest residential oasis just 10 minutes from the center of Tirana, located in Farka Lake Park. Designed with 42 premium villas and modern architecture with European construction standards, this complex is designed for a selected community.

All the villas are organized in 3 floors, green yard with considerable area, individual swimming pool and 2-4 parking spaces. All villas have views towards Lake Farka and Mount Dajti, offering a relaxing landscape.




Ha Farka Lake Park


minutes from the center of Tirana​

Aqua Villas are positioned on the first line of the complex, by the lake and the pedestrian area.

You will be able to have full access to Farka Lake and Dajti Mountain.​

Sol Villas are positioned in the heart of the complex.

Enjoy the first rays of the sun as you look towards Dajti Mountain and Farka Lake.​

Hill Villas are positioned at the highest point of the complex. You will be able to get the most out of nature while experiencing a unique residential experience.​

Elegance, Standard, Creativity​

Live in the prestige you deserve!
Lakeshore Residences brings modern architecture with European construction standards.
The careful selection of materials and attention to detail make your living in this complex unique.​






Lake Farka and Mount Dajti will be the panorama of every day. 

Individual swimming pool in the courtyard of your villa. 

2 – 4 parking spaces for each villa. 

Modern architecture with certified European construction standards. 

Opportunities for outdoor activities thanks to the pedestrian walkway, the cycling track and the proximity to Lake Farka. 

The application of technologies that ensure energy efficiency. 

Natural lighting thanks to the window facades which occupy 50% of the total surfaces. 

Waterproofing and thermal insulation of foundations and perimatral walls on the -1st floor of each villa. 

Capot system for the thermal insulation of the villa, maintaining warmth in winter and coolness in summer.